Uploaded:  1/25/2008

Author:  SA
Welcome to Complex Child!

Like many parents of children with special needs, I have spent many evenings after the kids are in bed researching treatments, tests, disorders, and therapies that could possibly benefit my daughter.  And like many parents, I have accumulated a ton of knowledge about all aspects of her specific medical condition.

So many parents have this sort of knowledge locked inside their heads.  What if it could all be shared in an easy-to-understand format with parents of other children?  I have already seen how this knowledge can benefit others through my work as a host and moderator at Parent-2-Parent.com.  It was my dream to take my skills in research and writing, honed after several years as an academic at a research university, and try to archive this knowledge through in-depth articles on subjects related to children with complex medical issues.

Complex Child E-Magazine is the beginning of that vision.  It is not a flashy website with fancy graphics, handsome layouts, or impressive features.  It is simply a collection of articles on a variety of topics relevant to parents and other caretakers of children with complex medical issues. 

Complex Child is written primarily by parents or other caretakers, with the occasional article by a child or young adult with special needs.  While much of the content is information you would expect to see in a medical journal, it is written in language that is much easier to understand.  Similarly, the choice of content is reader and parent-determined.  We write what we know about...what we have learned over the years by parenting a child with special health care needs.

Complex Child E-Magazine will be released once a month with articles in four sections.  The first section, Commentary, contains opinions, reflections, and other personal viewpoints.  The next section is the Focus for the month:  a collection of articles on a single topic.  The remaining two sections include articles in medical specialties, such as cardiology or gastroenterology, and features on practical issues like insurance, education, or advocacy.  While some articles are purely medical in nature, others are personal accounts of a treatment or disorder.  And still others are collections of tips based on personal experiences in caring for a child with complex medical issues.  All articles are available on the web and also may be downloaded in PDF form for saving or printing.

You may have noticed that I have avoided defining the term "complex child."  This is intentional.  I want anyone who has a need for information to feel comfortable accessing and participating in Complex Child.  

The ultimate source of knowledge for Complex Child is YOU, the parent or guardian.  We rely on you to share what you know by writing articles in your areas of expertise.  We also understand that parents with complex kids are busy people who may only be able to write one article every six months.  That's OK.  It is also fine if you cannot spell, need help with your grammar, or need other editing help.  We will do whatever we need to do to edit your article and get it into a form that can be published.

So take the plunge and submit an article, especially if you have knowledge in one of the areas that do not yet have any articles, like cardiology or neurology.  You can e-mail your article in text or Word format to submit@complexchild.com

We hope that you will find the articles in Complex Child E-Magazine helpful.  As time goes on, we hope to develop a large archive of articles on multiple topics that will serve as a one-stop resource for accurate and easy to understand medical information.

Have fun reading, and please do consider submitting something, even if it is only 50 words!

Susan Agrawal
Editor of Complex Child E-Magazine