Uploaded:  2/25/2008

From the Editor:
Looking Back and Looking Forward

Our first edition of Complex Child has been received amazingly well, reaching thousands of families all over the world.  Our little magazine spread through the internet like wild fire and has generated quite a bit of publicity on the web.  We were even featured as the Special Needs Site of the Day on About.com. 

The best news is we now have many new submissions and writers, and we have developed partnerships with several different organizations for upcoming issues.

Speaking of upcoming editions, we have three magazines planned out, and each looks very useful and thought-provoking.  April's edition will focus on GI disorders that mimic reflux but may actually be much more serious.  Articles will introduce conditions such as Eosinophilic disorders, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and Abdominal Migraines, Motility disorders, and Mastocytosis.  If you have knowledge on these topics and would like to contribute an article, please contact us.

May will be our Mitochondrial diseases edition.  We will be partnering with several Mito groups and organizations to create a series of articles on both introductory and advanced topics for families of children with mitochondrial disorders.  Once again, if you would like to contribute to this edition, please let us know.

June is a very special edition, featuring the writings of children and young adults with disabilities or complex medical issues.  If your child likes to write, please consider letting him or her submit an article.  We will be publishing many short pieces from younger children, as well as longer articles from older children, teens, and young adults.  Please contact us if you would like to submit either your own or your child's writing.

Our current issue focuses on Caregiving, with a wide variety of articles on topics related to caring for kids with complex medical issues.  Jennifer Peterson's commentary, "Christmas with an Autistic Twist," guides us with humor through a holiday celebration, complete with Santa, screaming, and a total meltdown.  Patty Geisinger's important article, "Just Five Minutes," gives us permission to take time for ourselves and helps to get us there.  Varsha Daryanani's piece on surviving home nursing is invaluable to those of us whose houses are or will be invaded by RNs, LPNs, HHAs, or CNAs.  Two additional articles, "Exchanging Special Needs Equipment and Supplies," and "Creating a Care Notebook for Your Child," provide practical tips to improve your child's care and function.

This month's Specialty articles section spotlights a rare congenital disorder, VACTERL Association, with an article by Tracy Reed, mom to a child with VACTERL.  For those of us dealing with unusual movements and possible seizures, the article "Is it a Seizure?  Diagnostic Limitations of EEGs," provides us with information on disorders that may look like seizures, and how to diagnose seizures when an EEG is negative or inconclusive.

Finally, our Features section includes an article on Disability Rights, describing the early roots of our amazing journey toward civil rights for children and adults with disabilities.

Thank you for helping Complex Child become a great resource for families around the world!  We hope you enjoy the March edition.

Susan Agrawal
Editor, Complex Child E-Magazine